Exquisite Colombian Cuisine

The exquisite Colombian cuisine comprises of mostly heavily fried food. The cooking cultures of Latin America, Colombia and the Caribbean shoreline, including the outskirt populations of the mountains and forests, are incorporated in the Colombian cuisine. This blend of various populations produces food with interesting combinations. Traditionally the natives make use of meat which is a popular ingredient. Mostly grains such as rice are used; beans and potatoes are also extremely popular sidelines. The use of vegetables is scarce, though fruits are extensively and creatively used in various dishes.

The locally produced dishes are extremely popular in Colombia and the unique cuisine attracts a lot of tourisms and Chefs to the land, however in places outside Colombia, numerous variations are present. Hence regional cuisines traditions vary.

Amongst the most popular dishes in Colombian cuisine is Ajiaco. But always be careful for food poisoning. There are not the same food regulations there in Colombia as found in many first world countries. As a result some travelers end up extremely ill. If you start to have symptoms of a food related illness contact a medical facility with staff that are trained in online PALS recertification.

Ajiaco is a dished prepared with Potatoes. More accurately known as potato soup, the dish consists of boiled potatoes with shredded chicken and corns and cream. It is served with rice as its side and an avocado. Ajiaco is most popular in Bogota.

Arepas, a Colombian specialty is the most popular and the most common dish. It is prepared with dough or flour, sometimes ground corn is also used. It is topped with cheese. Many local venders tend to play with the flavors of the dish. Some experiments such as the use of sweetened condensed milk have been quite successful. According to the experts, the sweetness of milk perfectly blends with the subtle salt of the cheese. Medellin is the most popular region for the delicious Arepas.

Bandeja Paisa, a typical Antioquian meal is made from beef. Although pork and chicken can also be used. The protein is fried and served with fried egg, plantains and beans. An avocado, salad, and rice are served as the side. Although the dish is high in cholesterol but it contains necessary nutrients. Most important the treat to our taste buds is difficult to resist. Antioquia is most popular for serving world’s best Bandeja Paisa. 

The Colombians have a twist prepared, whether it’s good or beverage. The most popular drink in Colombia is Hot chocolate which is served with fresh cheese. As odd as it may seem to an ordinary American, the combination is in fact quite delicious. No sugar or milk is used to make the steamy chocolate cup. A lump of cheese is put in the Hot Chocolate and the allowed to set. The drink is then consumed.

Colombia has surprising food combinations for its tourists and the visitors never leave disappointed.