Hacienda Agustin is dedicated to the Colombian heritage and our cuisine is a token of the influences of the region of Americas now known as Colombia. Hacienda, in Spanish, refers to large estates which usually housed plantations and grew sugarcane, vegetables, and spices. The term is now associated to the striking architecture that accompanied these large estates. Hacienda Agustin reminds its diners of the culture associated with lavish Colombian cuisine – cuisine which would be served to patrons of the estate.

Colombian cuisine is enormously diverse. Different cuisines have identifiers of their own region and influences from those regions. It is relished with a perfect harmony of spices which do not empower the flavour of the meat and rice they are accompanied with. Greenery is a large part of dishes, where each dish is marked by cilantro, banana leaves, or their own vegetable counterparts. There are also influences from Spain, Arabia, Africa, and most importantly, the indigenous Chibcha. The flavours are harmoniously in tandem with the tropical representation of the region, accompanied by fruits such as passion fruit, bananas, gooseberry, coconuts, and dragon fruit.

The coastal regions of Colombia bring with them seafood which is served with rice or maize and is accompanied with cheese (which cannot be complete without leaves such as the Bijao leaf). The Tamales (pork served with masarepa (corn meal)) is served on a banana leaf and is a popular main course, with each region having its own variation of the dish. The most popular dish in the Colombian region is the Bandeja Paisa, where the Paisa comes from the name of the people from the Andean region (called Paisas). The Bandeja is served with beef, pork, and Paisa Pinto beans, together with Avocados and eggs.

Colombian dishes make sure the flavour of the meat is not lost in cooking. Many dishes also overpower the savoury flavours of beans, rice and meat with spices and peppers. At Hacienda Agustin, we take pride in providing dishes which provide connoisseurs a fair share of each ingredient such that each flavour compliments another, creating a balance for the taste buds. Desserts are not just sweetened dishes but are a careful array of fruits and creams which refresh your taste buds after a main course, selected to lighten the mood and bring the tropical, green country of Colombia to your table. Our main belief – food is not just nutrition for the body but an experience for your palate.